Taste the authentic local foods from Nepal!

Without tasting some local foods, a trip never completes. Knowing about the foods in your travel destination helps you to decide where to eat, how to eat and what to eat. Altitude Himalaya will bring maximum options in the food section to make your trip extra memorable.

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Momo in Nepal

Momo is one of the most popular fast food in Nepal.

by Monika Khatiwada

Thakali Restaurants in Pokhara

Explore the authenticity of Thakali food in Pokhara.

by Monika Khatiwada

Halal Restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara

Halal restaurants differ from regular restaurants in that they have a Muslim focus. No alcohol is served and there are many rules regarding what Muslim customers can and cannot eat.

by Monika Khatiwada

Top 51 Cafes in Kathmandu

The ambience around most of the cafes is certainly the most comforting and relaxing.

by Monika Khatiwada

Barhasinghe Beer Garden - All you need to know about Nepal’s Finest Beer Garden

Barahsinghe's artisan craft beer, which draws inspiration from the incredible wilderness, is the ideal illustration of how nature and technology can coexist.

by Deepak Raj Bhatta

Top 10 Thakali Restaurants in Kathmandu

If you're searching for a different flavour in a meal, Thakali is an excellent choice.

by Krisha Karki